Navi10 Keyboard

I have never soldered in my life. But, as it happens, one morning, I woke up with the strong urge to get a split keyboard. Not the thing you buy in a store nearby thought. I decided to create one.

I didn't want to do something irreversible with a split keyboard PCB, so I bought a Navi10 kit to practice. And a week or two ago (yeah, I'm a bit slow on writing this post), I soldered my first keyboard. The Navi10 macropad. Here is a photo of the final result:

Navi10 keyboard photo

What a beautiful way to spent few hours! Challenging and fun experience with the esthetically pleasing result. Not that useful, to be honest (my planck also has media keys). But it was more of a soldering gateway drug, so no worries here.

Before soldering Navi10, I thought that might create a small “how-to” blog post. Tutorial-like. Describing, step-by-step, how to, actually, solder Navi10.

However, look at this gorgeous PCB back:

PCB with instruction on how to solder Navi10 macropad

It's all instructions you'll need if you know a thing or two about soldering. I didn't. So, I “cheated” and also used this video. It has some useful tips on assembling for soldering rookies.

That said, few photos I took whilst soldering: PCB with inserted, but not soldered diodes PCB with soldered diodes Assembled PCB with different switches

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